PT Bali Infra Gas (BIG) is a national company engaged in the development and management of Midstream Energy Infrastructure and Processing

The abudance of natural resources in Infonesia on the one side, while the processing technology is still limited on the other side, is a challenge as well as great oppurtunity in the business of providing infrastructure and energy processing faculities in this country.

Our company prioritizes the use of environmentally friendly technology, a high level of realiablity, and automation of processing and distribution systems in the energy sector supported by a professional team.

Full about BIG
Product and Services

Our bussiness scopes encompasses into two major

We supplies gas and LNG directly to end users, industrial estate and/or residential with moda transportation in accordance with customer need, with "Distribution Network Area for Natural gas" Scheme, especially in Bali
We supplies refined fuel oil mainly HSD, MFO directly to end user, supporting on industrial sector, bunkering activities, and transportation. also provide lubricant for vessel and heavy equipment.

We build infrastructure to support the fulillment of energy needs, including distribution network, pipping, Storage and Bunkering, LNG Shipping. and LNG Terminal & Regasification

Vision and Mission

Become a Professional and Reliable Global Midstream Company.
Running a bussiness in the Midstream sector and developing Envergy infrastructure by upholding professional performance, and icreasing added value for all stakeholders

Our Culture and Value

To always apply personal and collective creativity and initiative in identifying innovative ways to fulfill our clients expectations by complying OHS standars when it comes to our people.



To operate transparently and with accountability at all times in all activities with our clients and employess.



Teamwork, To encourage teamwork, diversity of talent, knowledge and experience amongst our collegues and to consistently find best overall solustions of our clients.



To always demonstrate equal courtesy, patience and respect for our employees, clients, and suppliers in everything we do.

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