Fuel Supply

We suppliesvrefined fuel oil mainly HSD MFO directly to end user, supporting on industrial sector, bucker activities, and transportation. also provide lubricant for vessel, vehicle and heavy equipment

HSD (High Speed Diesel)
is a type of diesel fuel that has a cetane performance number of 45, this type of fuel is generally used for transportation engines, diesel engines which are commonly used with mechanical pump injection systems (injection pump) and electronic injection, this type of fuel is intended for types of motorized transportation vehicles and industrial machines.

MFO (Marine Fuel Oil)
Burning oil is not a distillation product but is the result of a type of black residue. This type of oil has a high level of viscosity compared to diesel oil. The use of this type of fuel is generally for direct combustion in large industries and is used as fuel for steam power stations and several uses that are economically cheaper than using fuel oil.

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